Freeze reacts to dedication of wolrd’s biggest church auditorium in Abuja

On Saturday, the biggest church auditorium in the world was dedicated in Abuja.


In a post shared on his Instagram page this afternoon, OAP and leader of the Free the Sheeple Movement, Freeze, says it is shameful and hypocritical for Nigeria to have the largest church auditorium when the country cannot boast of the largest schools or hospital. Read his post below



These clowns need to stop feeding their egos and start feeding their congregations.

The largest ship building company in the world is the Hyundai Heavy industries located in South Korea , a country only 3 years older than Nigeria.

Airbus is one of the largest aircraft manufacturing companies in the world and it is based in the Netherlands.

Walmart is one of the largest retail stores in the world, employing about 2 million people. It is based in the US.

Volkswagen is one of the worlds largest car manufactures, it employs 555,000 people and is based in Germany.

If we don’t have the largest School in the world or the largest hospital in the world or any of the largest factories in the world, I think opening the largest Pentecostal business center in the world is shameful and hypocritical especially when it comes from the poverty capital of the world. ~FRZ


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