Nicki Minaj Spills Tea On Ex Meek Mill – Who Fired Big Shots Back

Nicki and Meek had a rocky and intense relationship that ended in the two seeming to have it out for each other.  Consistently firing shots at each other on social media has been the norm between the two.


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But Nicki took it to a new level on Saturday and Meek Mill reportedly responded later on Twitter.  The two have both been showing off their new partners online – so why the beef now?



Rumors about the two have been circulating since they first began interacting on Twitter nearly a decade ago.  Meek Mill professed his love for Nicki Minaj in one of his songs and the internet went wild.



The more pictures of them that surfaced, the more rampant the rumors got.  To the point of the two being together on vacation and even getting engaged.  After some very public breaks from hanging out – these two always jump on Twitter to hash it out – but Nicki started the battle this time and in a BIG way.



On stage while she was performing at the FOMO festival in Brisbane, Nicki stopped her set in the middle of a song to tell her fans something about Meek.  She said, Hold up- hold up- and the music got quiet.


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She acts both mad and joking when she says the next statement.  The one that started this round of the feud and that Meek responded to on Twitter.


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Into the microphone and in front of  sold out crowd Nicki says that Meek is still trying to hit her up.  She adds lyrics into a song, saying – “Meek still be in my DMs, I be having to duck him. I mean . . . I could tell you secrets but I won’t Cause being a bitter b*tch is what I don’t.”



Props to adding that in on the fly, but Meek didn’t seem to pleased with what she said.  He was angry and told her what he thought of her lies on Twitter.


In his first tweet, it’s a little to vague to determine who he’s talking about.  Some sources say that he liked a comment from a fan that proves it’s about Nicki.  A commenter wrote, “Nicki leave my man alone,” and Meek liked it.

The second tweet is a little more direct.  He says, “Leave me alone you know I get a lil too out of control with the truth!” Like that time he told everyone about her butt implant popping during sex…

What do you think – are they beefing or just keeping fans interested?  Tell us below.

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