We’re Speechless – Nick Cannon Just Claimed He’s A Better Rapper Than Drake, Lil Wayne, & Andre 3000 (Is He On Drugs?)


Nick Cannon, host of the popular rap battle show Wild ‘N Out, is out here making some serious claims! The former Mr. Mariah Carey has stated that he could out-bar hip-hop legends Lil Wayne, Andre 3000, The Fresh Prince himself–Will Smith, and multi-platinum artist Drake. Is he high?!



Apparently not. While sitting down for a convo with Van Lathan, on his Red Pill Podcast, Cannon went in. 



“I freestyle better than 90% of the rappers out there”, Nick Cannon told Lathan, who kept asking for clarification, because he just could not believe what he was hearing. The shock of this claim comes mostly from Nick Cannon’s, well, corniness.



His short-lived, luke-warm music career is a constant, and we mean constant, source of jokes from contestants on Wild ‘N Out. And Cannon knows it! But maybe the reason he takes it all in such good spirits, is because he knows the Truth.



“You rap better than Will Smith?!” Lathan asked, over and over. The Drumline star answered back confidently, “Yes… And Will Smith is pretty damn good!” He wasn’t just talking smack, though, he showed love to other rappers, as well, calling Lil Wayne, Drake, and Andre 3000 each “one of the greatest, but you put those cats in a battle form”, says Cannon, “I could smash them bar for bar”.



These are lofty statements, especially considering that many rappers consider Wheezy and Andre, specifically, icons of the industry.



While he hasn’t seen as much commercial success as his comrades in bars, the difference, Cannon says, would be seen on the rap battle field. “I freestyle so well, I don’t even do it no more! If you watch Wild ‘N Out,  I be (chillin’) while everyone else is preparing… I been doing this.”



This may be true, and he certainly wouldn’t be hosting a show that features a rap battle as the main event if he didn’t have chops. But this freestyle fire is nowhere to be found in his music.



Nick Cannon’s most recent album Calling All Models: The Prequel is more Drake-style crooning than fire, battle-winning bars, but Cannon says he’s more of a behind-the-scenes man, “like Quincy Jones”, anyway, when it comes to making commercial music.



Well, it looks like there’s only one way to prove yourself, Cannon. Let’s get Will Smith, Lil Wayne, Drake, and Andre 3000 on Wild ‘N Out and see what happens. It’d be hilarious to see Drake lose to Nick Cannon, at the very least. Who do you think would take home the title?

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